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Our Values


LifeUp is dependent on you, the customer. We value your patronage and respect your choice above everything else. As such, it is our main goal to always bring you the best deals through transparency — we won't be tacking on hidden fees or surcharges that will surprise you with an unexpected bill. It's hard to earn but easy to break yet we strive to always be the best for you.


With so many rival services out there, what sets us apart? LifeUp is ready to always improve and adapt. In order to do so, we listen to you! We consider all angles as they become pointed out to us via our contact page and also by talking to our customers, riders, and providers. Nothing rarely comes out perfect the first time but this just provides us an opportunity for improvement.


We are dedicated to building a brand that is socially conscious and dedicated to improve the quality of life of everyone involved. LifeUp truly cares about making a difference because we live in the same cities as you here in the Philippines. With each decision, we always take into consideration the effects it brings to all the stakeholders involved.

Our Story

LifeUp was made with intention of making medicine and wellness more accessible at sustainable prices. Our team is of composed local entrepreneurs and creatives that took this concept and made it into a reality.  By actively observing market trends and utilizing familiarity of the locale, we were able to create a service that we believe will fulfill this goal. However, we know that our journey is far from over and we would love to have you by our side along the way.